Our Mission - Get the cattle to the buyers.

This simple mission helps ensure the preservation of this magnificent breed. It has remained unchanged since the first cattle drives of Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving back on June 6, 1866.

Texas Trail Boss is your premier online source for Longhorn everything. From the cattle, beef, hides, skulls and expert services, we will preserve this historic breed. Buying from Texas Trail Boss directly supports local ranchers all across the nation.

Longhorn cattle sell at local sale barns for $0.05 a pound due to their long horns and colorful hides. Ultimately, the local rancher takes the hit. Resulting in the Longhorns cattle placed for sale on websites like Facebook and Craigslist. Less than ideal platforms for buying and selling cattle. Texas Trail Boss is driving the steak of the change. We are a dedicated website for buying or selling Longhorn cattle and beef. A safe and enjoyable platform for the producer and buyers alike. This requires attention, resources, and additional services to new owners/breeders following the sale of their cattle as well. Our Ranch Hands and Industry Experts have joined your team to assist you before or after the sale.

The Team

Texas Trail Boss LLC was established in 2020 as a subsidiary of Texas 4F Ranch Holding LLC. Established by Brian and April Firebaugh to better meet the needs of customers. Customers driven from their social media pages voiced desires for one website where they could find available Longhorn cattle, beef, hides, horns and more. The rest of the team was hand selected for their expertise and willingness to assist new and seasoned owners. Although not employed by Texas Trail Boss LLC, they offer unique skills, expertise and services to assist you.

Brian Firebaugh

Founder and Managing member of Texas Trail Boss, Brian is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and owner of 4F Ranch in central Texas. Following a successful social media campaign to provide education about the Longhorn breed on TikTok, his account under the name of @Cattleguy now has roughly 150,000 followers from all over the globe. He proudly serves as a board member for the Texas Farmers Veteran Coalition and has been featured on many podcasts and shows. Including the Pepper Stewert Farm and Ranch show as well as the Victory Garden podcast. You can call him “Fireball”, a childhood nickname that has followed him since grade school, he almost doesn't known his own name anymore. 

April Fierbaugh, RN, BSN

Cofounder of Texas Trail Boss, April is a full time neonatal intensive care nurse at a local acute care hospital. Yet she fills important roles at Texas Trail Boss as Brian Firebaugh’s better half. She serves a managing member and Chief Financial Officer at Texas Trail Boss LLC. At 4F Ranch she oversees the operation and herd health program with her husband.

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Kaitlyn Moss

Kaitlyn is a Panhandle of Texas native that now resides in Hico, TX. She comes from a strong agricultural background influenced greatly by both sides of her family.

Charlotte Dawson, DVM

Dr. Charlotte Dawson grew up near the USAF bases and Cambridge University in England. In her early years, she yearned to be a veterinarian and often volunteered at her local vet clinic. In 2009, she chose the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) as her future alma mater and studied bio-veterinary science in London. After graduating with her first degree and finding her future husband, she returned to RVC to complete her degree in veterinary medicine and was inducted into the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2017.

Throughout her years of vet school, Dr. Dawson worked at the London Zoo and multiple working animal farms across Europe. Her experiences fueled her passion to further her large animal focus and find bridges to connect with animals and their owners. She began work as a mixed practice relief veterinary surgeon, traveling around England before settling at Avenue Veterinary Centre in Grantham. In 2019, her husband retired from the Air Force and they all decided Texas was their future home and settled in New Braunfels to join the Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic team.

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This site is powered by Hired Hand Website Software. If you'd like more information on how to get started with a Hired Hand website of your own, please contact us today. We proudly serve Registered Texas Longhorn breeders as well as a variety of other breeds. Behind our powerful website software and effective marketing solutions is a team of both technical and creative-minded individuals. While we are each passionate about our areas of expertise, we work together seamlessly to deliver our customers the results they deserve for their investment. See below for a list of our services.

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