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Whether you want to build a quality herd to compete in futurities, strive to add something to your herd that’s going to bring it up overall, or just want to own an iconic piece of the Old West for your ranch, you can find the right Texas Longhorn to meet your needs through The Texas Trail Boss.

The Texas Trail Boss is dedicated to the future of the Texas Longhorn, and we recognize the iconic nature of the breed.

We believe the future of the breed depends on the responsibility of breeders in the industry.

You can buy with confidence when you choose The Texas Trail Boss. We will let you know her sire and dam and complete pedigree, if she has been exposed, and if she is confirmed pregnant. Plus, you can see her medical history and her horn measurement history.

Call to schedule a visit, or just to talk Texas Longhorns. We are proud to show you around the property and let you meet the cattle face-to-face. We would be honored to be the foundation for your own herd.

Proven Herd Sires & Herd Sire Prospects

Consistent producers of healthy calves

Young cow with no offspring

Castrated males with many purposes





Why Longhorns?

Texas Longhorns are an easy to own cattle breed for working professionals and weekend warriors. Their ease of calving helps ensure you do not need to be present when they are giving birth. Their motherly instincts are world class. Getting up in the middle of the night to bottle feed calf’s simply are not an issue. Texas Longhorns are also disease resistant. Things that inflict heavy damage in other breeds such as pink eye, simply don’t bother the Longhorns and less antibiotic usage is always a win. Longhorns also have personality. No one believes this until you have your first Longhorns and learn each of their personalities. From goofy, to stuck up diva’s, you have your own sitcom in your backyard. Don’t get us started on the calfs either. They are like full blown puppies! Every Longhorn breeder I know, is a kid on Christmas morning during calving season. From Texas oil tycoons to school teachers, anyone can run a small herd of Longhorns with a little help from Texas Trail Boss.

Buy your cattle with confidence.

Each listing will detail vaccination dates, updated horn measurements, breeding soundness exams and Veterinary health certifications for each animal.

24 Hour Refund Policy

Starting once your cattle loaded on the trailer following the sale, you have a 24 hour refund period. Giving you the time to ensure your complete happiness with your cattle. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will facilitate the return of the cattle and issue all appropriate refunds. Buyer is responsible for catching and loading the cattle for return. Buyer is subject to all necessary restocking and hauling fees. Cattle must be in original condition, unharmed, healthy and capable to travel

Hauling Service Post Sale

If you do not have a trailer to pick up your cattle, we can assist. Providing you with the names and contact information for available cattle haulers in the area.

On Site Visits

We can help arrange on-site visits to view your new purchase in person, pre or post sale.